Meet the Team

David Marguleas, President

David oversees Sun World Innovations, the global licensing and variety development business as well as the company’s international investments and agriculture technology activities. He started his agribusiness career in 1986 in a range of Sun World marketing positions and has since held responsibility for grower relations, farming, sales and marketing, packing and cold storage operations, communications, corporate relations and licensing. David holds a B.Sc. from Cornell University, Ithaca NY and is a current Board and executive committee member of the California Table Grape Commission and is a member of the board of directors of the California Fresh Fruit Association and Produce Marketing Association (PMA) as well as PMA’s Global Development Committee.

Mistie Miller, Intellectual Property Manager

Mistie is based in Bakersfield, California and is charged with the task of managing the intellectual property portfolio for the global licensing business in conjunction with Sun World’s IP Lawyers. She has been with the company since 2011, initially involved with licensing agreements and insurance. Mistie is a Paralegal and holds a B.A. in Psychology. Contact Mistie

Victoria Kovacevich, Ag Technology Analyst

Victoria joined the Sun World Innovations team in 2017. She is responsible for identifying, validating, and assessing new ag technologies relevant to Sun World’s farming pursuits and those of its licensees. She joined Sun World in June 2017 after graduating from Cornell University with a B.Sc. in Applied Economics and Management. Originally from a table grape farming family in the Central Valley, she’s no stranger to the industry and it’s what fuels her passion for this business. She looks forward to finding new innovative technologies that can help sustain and shape the future of agriculture.Contact Victoria.

Dané Joubert, Marketing Associate

Dané is responsible for promoting existing and emerging Sun World proprietary fruit varieties, brands, emerging agricultural technologies, and licensing services to licensees, importers, retailers and media representatives. An important role for Dané is maintaining and enhancing communications with Sun World’s licensees, which includes managing the website, photography, and newsletter and social media platforms. Originally from a South African table grape farming family in the Hex River valley, she is a recent graduate of California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo with a degree in business marketing. Dané brings great energy and creativity – as well as keen fruit industry insights — to Sun World Innovations. Contact Dané


Garth Swinburn, Vice President of Licensing

Garth joined Sun World in 2011 and is responsible for all global licensing staff and activities, including offices in South Africa, Chile, Europe, Australia and California. He has spent the last 35 years in fruit production, horticultural developments and the marketing of fresh produce. Much of his professional career has been in providing independent consultancy services to agribusinesses in Australia in crops such as grapes, citrus, stone fruit and almonds. Garth holds a B.Hort from Lincoln University, NZ, a post graduate Dip.Ag.Econ from the University of New England and a M.Agribus. from the University of Queensland. Contact Garth

Adam Knoll, Licensing Manager, Australia

Adam joined Sun World in 2016 and is responsible for our licensing business in Australia. Distinguished by his passion as career horticulturalist, Adam has extensive operational experience in large scale production horticulture and the Australian nursery industry. Over his career, Adam has built a reputation for business development and developing horticultural intellectual property agreements. Adam holds a Dip. AppSci (hort) from the University of Melbourne. Contact Adam

Josh Mellor, Project Manager Licensing

Josh joined the Sun World Licensing team in October 2017. This is a new role in the business which makes him responsible for all projects globally and includes – business analysis framework, supply and demand analysis and forecasting, financial modelling, stakeholder engagement, business development, and global quality assurance.

He brings extensive experience across the entire horticultural supply chain from seed to retail, including managing intellectual property, licensing, retail brands, category and farm projects, new product development, crop forecasting and supply. Having grown up on a cotton, wheat and cattle station in western New South Wales, Australia Josh has a strong connection with agriculture – he’s passionate about its people and the opportunities for growth.Contact Josh Mellor

Maurizio Ventura, Licensing Manager, Europe

Maurizio has been responsible for the Sun World licensing business in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France since 2006. His background includes genetic improvement of apple varieties, research in germplasm and fruit ripening and the use of NIR technology. He has also been involved in phytosanitary certification and quality assurance in the plant nursery industry. Maurizio holds a PhD from the University of Bologna. Contact Maurizio

Dirk Burger, Licensing Manager, South Africa

Dirk joined the Sun Word Licensing team in 2010 and comes from a research background in post-harvest storage of grapes and technologies that improve the quality of stored fruit. His past work has also provided him with valuable insights into the use of plant growth regulators on table grapes. Dirk holds a BSc in Horticulture and an MSc (Hons) in Viticulture from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He is currently a member of the Deciduous Fruit Producer’s Trust. Contact Dirk

Carolina Uquillas, Licensing Manager, South America

Carolina is responsible for the Sun World licensing programs in Chile, Peru and Brazil. She joined Sun World in 2014 after working at Chile’s National Research Institution (INIA) where she was involved in the national grape breeding program and other technical innovation projects. Carolina holds a B.Sc. in agronomy and a PhD in molecular and cellular biology from the Catholic University of Chile. She is also a graduate of the Plant Breeding Academy, UC Davis. Carolina is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Contact Carolina

Hovav Weksler, Applied Varietal Research Manager & Licensing Manager, Israel

Hovav has an extensive background in production horticulture and is based in Israel.  He has been part of the team ever  since  the licensing business first began in 2000. Tracing back to the 2000’s up till today he provides consulting services to growers worldwide. In 2013 he joined Sun World as the Applied Varietal Research Manager. He also is responsible for the company’s Israeli licensee business. Hovav holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. (candidate) in agronomy. Contact Hovav

Variety Development

Terry Bacon, Vice President of Variety Development

Terry has been with the company since 2000 and is based at the SW Innovations Variety Development Center in Bakersfield, Ca. He directs fruit breeding and commercial testing operations as well as coordinating field and post-harvest research. He also works closely with licensee technical staff members to help develop ‘best practices’ tech support for Sun World’s grape and stone fruit varieties. Terry holds a Master of Science in Fruit Breeding from Texas A&M University and is a contributing member of the Table Grape Breeders Association and the Stone Fruit Breeders Association. Contact Terry

Terrence Frett, Assistant Breeder

Terrence joined Sun World in 2016 to support the expanding breeding programs with his skills and new technologies. He manages the molecular breeding laboratory at the Varietal Development Center and works in field and post-harvest research with Terry. He holds a Master of Science from Clemson University, South Carolina, where he studied peach breeding, and he was awarded his PhD at the University of Arkansas, where he developed his knowledge on marker assisted parent and seedling selection.
Terrence is a member of the American Society of Horticultural Sciences, RosBREED and VitisGEN. Contact Terrence

Sharon Rosenthal, Laboratory Manager

After working in the plant-breeding department of the USDA, Sharon joined the Sun World team in 1987. She manages the Sun World Innovations plant tissue culture lab and oversees the greenhouse management and global material distribution. Sharon is a member of several industry organizations including the International Plant Propagators’ Society, the American Society for Horticultural Science, and the Society for In Vitro Biology. Contact Sharon

Gary Lott, Research Associate, Table Grape Breeding Program

Gary manages crossing and farming operations for the prestigious Sun World Innovations table grape breeding program. His duties include managing crossing operations as well as the Variety Development Center’s extensive vineyard and hybrid seedling blocks and the program’s greenhouse propagation. Gary first fell in love with agriculture while volunteering on a reforestation project in Haiti in the early 80s. Gary earned his MS degree in Agriculture from UC Davis and joined the Sun World team in 1989. Contact Gary

Larry Okumoto, Research Associate, Stone Fruit Breeding Program

Larry manages crossing and farming operations for the highly respected Sun World Innovations stone fruit breeding programs. His duties include managing crossing operations as well as orchard and hybrid seedling block management for the peach, nectarine, plum, apricot, cherry, and rootstock breeding programs. Larry grew up on a family plum and raisin farm in central California and has rich experience in farming, greenhouse, and propagation operations. Larry earned his MS degree from UC Riverside and joined the Sun World team in 1990. Contact Larry

Margarito Quintana, Research Associate, Table Grape Commercial Testing

Margarito manages commercial testing at the prestigious Sun World Innovations table grape breeding program near Bakersfield, Ca. His duties include execution and management of over 300 individual commercial testing and rootstock trial experiments performed each year at the Center. He also manages post-harvest and storage trials data and data entry for over 100 varieties each year. Contact Margarito

Esther Niu, Research Associate, Molecular Breeding

Early in 2017, Dr. Esther Niu joined the Innovations Variety Development team as manager of the Innovation Molecular Lab. Today, under the leadership of Breeder, Dr. Terrence Frett, Esther is helping to advance Sun World Innovations’ breeding efforts using molecular markers, a non GMO tool for improving the efficiency of breeding for traits such as disease resistance. Esther is originally from Beijing, China, where she studied plant pathology at China Agricultural University. Her interest in plant-microbe interaction helped her to obtain an assistantship in a plant virology lab at Oklahoma State University. She then went on to earn her doctorate in botany and plant pathology at Purdue University in Indiana. Contact Esther